Worship at Columbia UCC is in the tradition of Protestant worship stressing the importance of both scripture and sacraments. Typically, worship at Columbia UCC begins with praise expressed through song and prayers and then moves to a focus on scripture which is read and interpreted through a sermon. The sermon is an effort to relate sacred texts to the everyday life of worshipers and to the mission of the church. Worship concludes through response to God’s word — through prayers, through offering gifts, and through renewal of commitment to serve God including the sacrament of Holy Communion that is regularly celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.
At Columbia UCC and in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation, we recognize two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion. Columbia UCC celebrates both infant and adult baptism. Communion is open to all who desire a closer relationship with God and neighbors.

Columbia UCC has special services during the weeks before Easter (Lent), a sunrise service on Easter Sunday, and special services leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Eve.

Music is an important part of all our worship services.  Several choirs and many volunteer musicians share their talents throughout the year, led by our dynamic music staff.  Vocal and handbell choirs are available for all ages. To hear examples, click here!

Visitors are always welcome – we look forward to seeing you!