In the polity of the United Church of Christ, the congregation has ultimate authority in the governance of the affairs of the church. The congregation elects a Church Council to oversee the business of the church and to coordinate the ministries of the congregation. The Church Council at Columbia United Church of Christ consists of twelve members — five officers and seven persons who chair Ministry Teams. The pastor is an ex-officio member of the Council and all Ministry Teams.
For 2016, the members of the Church Council of Columbia UCC are:
Officers: Tom Schupp, Moderator; Steve Keithahn, Vice-Moderator; Christine Staelens, Treasurer; Audrey Lasley, Secretary; Doug Privitt, Recording Treasurer;
Ministry Team Chairs: Fred Malicoat, Buildings and Grounds; Lena Muench, Fellowship and Hospitality; Jim Loveless, Finance and Stewardship; Alli Walsh, Membership and Care; Lauren Helmreich, Nurture and Education; Sonja Erickson, Outreach and Advocacy; Melba Shaffer, Worship and Music. 
Ministry Teams consist of volunteers from the congregation with interest in some facet of the congregation’s ministry. In addition to the Ministry Teams, a Vision Team is responsible for coordinating congregational planning. The Vision Team is chaired by the Vice-Moderator and includes a representative from each Ministry Team.
Here are links to the Constitution and Bylaws of Columbia UCC: