As a congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ (see “Our Denomination“), Columbia UCC is part of the progressive tradition of Protestant churches (with churches like the United Methodist, Presbyterian USA, Episcopal Church, or Disciples of Christ).
We take the Bible seriously but not literally. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and all people are God’s precious children. All are welcome at Columbia UCC. In Jesus we believe we encounter God in human form as Jesus teaches by his words and deeds of God’s inclusive love for all people and shows compassion for those marginalized and vulnerable.
We believe that guided by the Holy Spirit, the church is called to continue the ministry of Jesus in the world. We believe that Jesus invites us, as he invited the first disciples, to make life in God’s Dominion visible in the midst of the world.

We look to women and men for both lay and ordained leadership and we value the participation of children and youth. Our church is governed by its members who are challenged to discern the leading of God’s Spirit for the church. The Church Council oversees and coordinates the ministries of the church but there are regular congregational meetings.

One expression of our faith is found in the

UCC Statement of Faith.