Our story began in 1921 when a group of University of Missouri students and faculty and Columbia residents who belonged to the German Evangelical Church joined together in common faith.  On January 23, 1923, this group formally organized The Evangelical Club and began a long journey to nurture faith and serve in our community.

Though we began as a student-led fellowship, the group soon expanded, thanks to leadership from Eden Seminary in St. Louis and the support of a regional church body.  A chapel was dedicated in 1933 to house this growing congregation, to provide a place for worship and fellowship, and to be a base from which to serve the surrounding community.

In 1965 this beloved chapel was destroyed by fire and the members were faced with the difficult decision to rebuild or relocate.  The final choice was aided by the Merle Muhrer family’s gift of land where we are currently located.

Ground was broken on Palm Sunday, 1968, along with a new goal of serving from the outskirts of Columbia.  A common faith sustained us through this transition, and the 30-year leadership of Rev. Fred Brandenburg solidified our place in the community – one we strive to uphold today.

Our long-standing commitment to serve has continued through the years with regular work at The Food Bank and Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen, mission trips to Honduras in 2007, 2009, and 2012, and support of numerous local social service agencies.

We invite you to join your story to ours, as we continue to discover a meaningful faith for today.