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Erika Maltsbarger

LODO Director

I have been blessed to be part of the LODO ministry in many capacities and I am celebrating my 15th year as part of the program. I started off as a parent of preschoolers, three years later I became a classroom teacher, and four years after that I was offered the director position. Expressing the joys that LODO has brought to my life could fill a book!
As a parent of preschoolers at LODO, I watched as my children gained a strong foundation and love for learning. In 2008 my daughter made her first non-family friend at LODO, and both of my children gained social/emotional skills necessary for success in later school years. I love that LODO not only prepared my children emotionally and academically, but also strengthened their faith through Bible stories and songs. I will always be grateful for the values LODO instilled in my children and the love they felt from the LODO staff. I’m sure that I could come up with a long list of great memories as the staff made a lasting impression on my now teenage children.
Moving in to my teaching years, beginning in 2011, I was given the opportunity to work with the younger students at LODO. Being a part of those children’s lives was such a blessing. Teaching with love and making sure that there was lots of laughter in my classroom was an important part of each day. I loved watching children not only grow in my classroom, but seeing them mature through later years as well.
Becoming the director of LODO has been a wonderful step in my career. Working with the staff of LODO to create a caring environment for preschoolers brings such joy to my life. I have worked with many amazing early childhood educators, children, and families during my time here. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through the LODO ministry. I look forward to LODO continuing to provide a foundation of love and learning for many years to come. CUCC offers a great deal of support to the LODO Ministry and I am proud to be a staff member of this wonderful church.

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