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God's Mission in Our Midst
as articulated by

Columbia United Church of Christ is very intentional about discerning and articulating our mission in God's World.  Our Vision Team consists of representatives from each of our Ministry Teams, and spends time each year evaluating our Mission Statement, our Core Values Statement and our Strategic Plan, determining how we are living into them and how they are informing our actions in God's World. With the guidance of God's Holy Spirit, these statements are periodically updated to reflect how God is calling us to be active in the world.

CUCC Mission

CUCC celebrates God’s boundless love by: 

  • Welcoming all God’s People;

  • Nurturing Faith and Spiritual Growth;

  • Challenging and inspiring everyone with vibrant worship;

  • Building a supportive church family;

  • Transforming both the congregation and community through service and outreach

CUCC Core Values Statement

At CUCC we seek to express God’s boundless love as we value being:


  • Welcome and inclusive of all people, as all are created in God’s image;

  • Nurturing and being supportive of people as everyone is God’s precious child;

  • Willing to extend God’s grace and forgiveness as God extends grace and forgiveness;

  • Intentionally aware of others as God is intentionally aware of each person.

  • We seek in our governance values:

  • Adherence to the Constitution and By-Laws of the church;

  • Intentional inclusion of diverse perspectives and voices on all decision making bodies;

  • Willingness to recognize conflict and resolve differences in a caring and respectful manner;

  • Open and transparent decision-making processes; and

  • Making decisions by consensus rather than simple majority-rule whenever possible.


CUCC Open and Affirming Inclusion Covenant

Columbia United Church of Christ celebrates God’s boundless and unconditional love by intentionally welcoming and affirming all God’s children.

  • No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey;

  • No matter where you are on your faith journey;

  • No matter your sexual orientation, gender expression or identity;

  • No matter your race, culture, ethnicity, nationality or politics;

  • No matter your age, ability, health, relationship status or family structure;

  • No matter your social, economic, educational, legal or life circumstances;

You are welcome here!


Called by Jesus to be an Open and Affirming, inclusive faith community, Columbia United Church of Christ commits to welcoming everyone into the full life of our congregation.  Our paths and voices may differ, but we journey in faith together. 

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